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Setup ShareaSale with Shopp

by Lorenzo Orlando Caum on June 26, 2012

ShareASale is an affiliate network that you can use with Shopp. It is a powerful way to scale your marketing and increase sales in your online store. We’ll show you how to configure Shopp to work with ShareASale in only ten minutes.

ShareASale has a few kinds of marketing programs. In this tutorial, we’ll be guiding you on the per-sale option.

The documentation for ShareASale states that a code snippet should placed on the “thank you” or “confirmation” or “receipt” page. It also specifies that there will be two variable values:

  1. Order amount – referred to as the total
  2. Order number / unique identifier – referred to as the tracking number

Then there are some fixed values including the type of transaction and the merchant ID.

Here is an example:

<img src="https://shareasale.com/sale.cfm?amount=12.00&tracking=1cll21ozne&transtype=sale&merchantID=12" width="1" height="1">
  • Order amount = 12.00
  • Order number / unique identifier = 1cll21ozne
  • Type of transaction = sale
  • Merchant ID = 12

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Add Existing Shopp Customers to your Email Marketing List

by Lorenzo Orlando Caum on June 22, 2012

If you have used one of our Shopp + email marketing integrations, then you’re already building your marketing list. If not, you should check out the options for Shopp. A newsletter is a great way to build rapport with your customers and keep them updated about your products and services.

What about earlier customers? The customers that purchased before from your store before you had your Shopp + integration running?

In this post, we’ll share a solution for retrieving that information.

The slow way to do this is to go through your customers one by one and see who has opted-in by saying yes to email marketing. A faster way is by using a SQL query.

We will be interacting directly with your database so we recommend backing up. An easier method is to use a tool like BackupBuddy.

  1. Backup your WordPress
  2. Login to PHPMyAdmin
  3. Click on your database
  4. Then click on the SQL tab

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How to Set the Payment Method Order in Shopp

by Lorenzo Orlando Caum on June 20, 2012

If you have only one payment method you could be losing potential customers. Remember that not everyone has an account with ABC payment provider. You should have at least two choices for accepting payments for your online store.

Shopp 1.2.x allows you to easily set the order of your payment methods. 

The order that is shown in the wp-admin is the order that in which they will appear on your checkout page:

  • Login to your wp-admin
  • Go to Shopp (Setup) –> Payments
  • Then delete all of your payment gateways
  • Now add them in the order that you want them to appear

Pro-tip: Login to your merchant accounts. Run a report for the past few months. Compare the amounts. The payment method with the highest value of transactions of transactions should be your default payment method. Here is another way to set the default payment method in Shopp. Click here to continue reading →

Shopp e-commerce plugin

How to Reduce Chargebacks in your Online Store

by Lorenzo Orlando Caum on June 18, 2012

In this post we’ll describe a method of reducing chargebacks in your online store. This concept is credited to 37Signals who wrote about it on their blog, Signal vs. Noise in early 2009.

A chargeback occurs when a bank or financial firm pulls funds from a merchants account and returns it to the customer. A chargeback can happen for a variety of reasons, here are a few:

  • Customer did not receive goods or services
  • Fraud
  • Customer received damaged / not as described goods

There is also another reason a chargeback could occur: unrecognized transaction on a bank or card statement.

As a merchant or business owner, this reason alone can be responsible for a large amount of lost funds and many headaches.

Steps to Reducing Chargebacks

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In this post we’ll be talking about a specific area of the Shopp checkout page — credit / debit card fields. Before we get started, I’d like to credit Chris Runnells, a Shopp consultant who shared how to customize these checkout fields on the Shopp Community Forums.

On a default WordPress installation, the checkout page will appear as such:

They are input fields where you can enter the two digit expiration month and two digit expiration year. It is simple and works but we can make they more appealing by using the select field.

Here is the code shared by Chris Runnells: Click here to continue reading →

Shopp + Twilio

by Lorenzo Orlando Caum on June 15, 2012

We’ve created an integration for Shopp and Twilio.

After checkout, the merchant will receive a text message with new order information.

Click here to download Shopp + Twilio

Video Walk-through of Shopp + Twilio

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Shopp 1.2.2 Released & a New Shopp + Extension Released

by Lorenzo Orlando Caum on June 14, 2012

Shopp 1.2.2 was released this week. You should have a look at the release notes. It is recommended that you upgrade your Shopp 1.2.x install to this current version.

Before you do so, please be sure to capture a backup of your WordPress. We recommend Backup Buddy.

There are two options for upgrading:

  1. Upgrade automatically via WordPress Plugins
  2. Perform a manual upgrade

If you are unable to upgrade automatically via WordPress, you can go through with a manual upgrade. Here are the steps that work well for us:

  1. Backup your WordPress
  2. Deactivate Shopp via WordPress Plugins
  3. Delete Shopp via WordPress Plugins
  4. Download the latest version of Shopp from Shopp Store Account
  5. Upload the shopp.zip file via WordPress Plugins
  6. Download any Shopp add-ons such as payment gateways or shipping services
  7. Login via FTP and upload them to the right folder (shipping services –> shipping folder / payment gateways –> gateways folder)
  8. Activate Shopp via WordPress Plugins

Celebrating a Milestone

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Shopp + Mediaburst

by Lorenzo Orlando Caum on May 25, 2012

We’ve created an integration for Shopp and Mediaburst.

After checkout, the merchant will receive a text message with new order information.

Click here to download Shopp + Mediaburst

Video Walk-through of Shopp + Mediaburst

Requirements for Shopp + Mediaburst

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Manual Processing of Transactions for Shopp

by Lorenzo Orlando Caum on May 17, 2012

Shopp has an add-on module called Manual Processing. It allows merchants with existing credit / debit card terminals to process payments for an order.

An example would be a bookstore. They have a physical location and can already accept credit / debit cards in store.

Here is how the order flow process would work (customer’s first name is Sally):
Sally browses the online shop for the bookstore –> Sally finds an interesting book and adds it to cart –> Sally then completes checkout with a credit card –> Confirmation is then sent to Sally & the store owner.

Now the store owner or merchant can log into their WordPress admin and decrypt (unlock) the financials for the order. They then process the order through their own credit / debit card terminal and click charge to end access to the financials (permanently erased). Then the merchant packages the book, mails it via a shipping service, and in a few days, it arrives at Sally’s home.

Note on security: A dedicated SSL certificate is required, a private key is required to unlock the financials and they are permanently destroyed afterwards.

One interesting point about credit / debit card terminals is that it may be challenging to be approved for one if you are a relatively new business. Click here to continue reading →

How to set Shopp to Capture Payments

by Lorenzo Orlando Caum on May 16, 2012

Shopp 1.2.x has a new default method of handling payments. In the earlier version of Shopp 1.1.x, the web store would automatically capture payments. In this tutorial we’ll guide you on setting this option up with the Shopp 1.2.x.

First we’ll have a quick overview of how Shopp 1.2.x currently handles most credit / debit card payments.

Lets say a customer purchases $75 dollars worth of products from your online store using the Authorizenet payment gateway. During checkout, $75 is “authorized” on the customer’s credit / debit card. To complete the transaction, you would need to view the transaction in the WordPress admin and click the Charge button.

If you have a thriving online store, this can quickly become a chore but there is an easy solution available.

Set Shopp to Capture Payments

We will be using the following Shopp API filter to accomplish this goal. It will be added to your theme’s functions.php file. Click here to continue reading →

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