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WordPress+Shopp ecommerce platform

The Shopp plugin adds a feature filled, customizable online storefront and shopping cart to your WordPress-powered website.

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Seamless WordPress

Shopp is built to belong in WordPress: seamless administration tools, widgets, shortcodes, custom menus, post types and taxonomy support – take your pick. Shopp is the WordPress e-commerce plugin that sets the bar for a natural WordPress experience.

Integrated to the Core

The core plugin includes integration to the most popular processing services in the world including PayPal Payments Standard, PayPal Express Checkout, Google Wallet and

  • PayPal
  • Google Wallet

Add-on Integrations

Need integration with more service providers? We’ve got you covered from payment gateways to real-time shipping rates, order fulfillment providers and cloud storage.

  • iDeal Mollie
  • First Data
  • Cybersource
  • Payson
  • PayJunction
  • FedEx
  • UPS
  • United States Postal Service
  • Shipwire
  • Australia Post
  • Amazon S3

More Addons…


Simplified, streamlined, sublime.

Simplified, streamlined, sublime.
Run sales, add new products, update inventory, ship orders. It’s all there, and it’s easy. Shopp consistently wins accolades for it’s WordPress-like administration tools giving it the most natural management experience you’ll find in a WordPress e-commerce solution. Get in, do your thing and get on with your real life.

E-commerce software shouldn’t tell you how to manage your business. You should be able tell your e-commerce software how you manage your business. Shopp lets you do just that. Create your own order processing labels and easily move orders through each step of the process yourself or automatically.

Export orders to accounting systems like Intuit® QuickBooks®, or to spreadsheets like Microsoft® Excel®. Shopp remembers your last export date so its easy to do continuous exports.

Get in the flow.

With lots of products to manage, you need to work smarter, not harder. Shopp’s product tools have been meticulously crafted to keep you in a continuous workflow. The workflow menu in the product editor helps you quickly add new products one after another, or edit a set of products one after another with no tedious clicks in between.

Setup similar products rapidly using category templates. When products are assigned to the category, the detail templates are copied to the product instantly.

In Shopp, you never need to leave the product editor to setup complex product variations, or add-on groups, or new categories. It’s all there in the product editor for a completely uninterrupted workflow.


Safe and sound.

In e-commerce, security is paramount. Shopp keeps your storefront and your customers safe by following industry standards, best practice development techniques, and the array of security features provided by the WordPress platform.

Plus, getting updates from assures you are getting clean, untampered, authentic code directly from the source.

No hassle remote checkout support.

Shopp integrates with offsite payment systems like PayPal Payments Standard, Google Wallet and 2Checkout. Remote checkout means you get to skip the PCI-certification hassle; your payment provider takes care of it so you can get on with the important stuff, like running your business.

Secure online checkout for frictionless sales.

Get complete control of the buying experience with onsite checkout payment systems. You’ll need to setup SSL and take care to certify PCI compliance quarterly (easy with McAfee SECURE).

For the ultimate ease of checkout for your customers, you can setup SSL-encryption on your site and use an onsite payment system to handle all of the sensitive payment details right on your WordPress+Shopp website. Easy checkout means lower abandonment, and that means more sales!

PCI standards: not just a good idea.

PCI certification isn’t just a good idea, it’s required. Shopp does its part to follow the standards and make certification easier. Shopp passes the McAfee SECURE PCI-compliance scans to make quarterly assessments a cinch. Sign-up to McAfee SECURE to give you and your customers more peace of mind and boost your conversions overnight!

McAfee Secure

Built to scale.

Shopp performs. With the right hosting, Shopp can handle very large catalogs with many hundreds of thousands of products and even complex products with hundreds of variations. Get blazing fast response times with WordPress object cache support in Shopp and scale even further.


Dream it. Design it. Build it.

Shopp is not just an out-of-the-box e-commerce plugin. It is a development platform for creative e-commerce experiences. A suite of API tools give developers the flexibility to build upon a solid framework or even rewrite how things work. Shopp is no limits e-commerce development built on standards, best practices and some amazing behind-the-scenes innovations.

Pixel perfect.

The starter templates that come with Shopp are perfect for getting up and running fast with most WordPress themes. They provide a flexible framework for small tweaks or entirely custom layouts.

The Shopp Theme API gives you the flexibility to make your storefront experience your own. Blend the shopping pages to match perfectly with your WordPress theme, or start from a completely blank canvas and build a completely new and unique online shopping experience.

Make it so.

The Shopp Developer API is an amazing toolbox that makes your job so much easier. Handle complex custom project requirements with any of the almost 400 Developer API functions. Shopp is the right toolkit for the job to do just about anything imaginable on a solid e-commerce engine.

Shopp makes extensive use of the WordPress filter and action hook system with hundreds of hooks to add completely new functionality or override the core behaviors without core hacks.


We’ve got your back.

If you get stuck, Shopp is backed by rock solid support from our lovable, helpful team of Shopp geeks on the Shopp Help Desk ticket system*. Create a ticket and get professional help quickly.
Ingenesis Limited does not provide phone or email based support for Shopp.

Help in a hurry.

If you need guaranteed same day help, buy a priority support credit and apply it to your ticket to jump to the front of the line. Or, go directly to the top with escalated support for help directly from the development team.
Ingenesis Limited does not provide phone or email based support for Shopp.

Friendly help and advice.

Get free advice from the lively community forums, full of questions and answers from other Shopp users and developers.

  • User Guide

  • Screencasts

  • Forums

  • Knowledge Base

  • Tickets

  • Priority

Guided from the start.

The Shopp User Guide introduces the basic concepts in Shopp. It includes easy step-by-step instructions for how to get things done and understandable break downs of how things work.

The guide is available to Shopp key owners on the web and as a downloadable PDF developers can handoff to their clients. Plus, a support key will also enable access to clear and concise built-in video tutorials for each admin screen in Shopp.

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