Show your Gravatar on the Shopp Forums

by Lorenzo Orlando Caum on February 20, 2013

Does your image next to your Shopp forum name look like the image below? shopp-forums-default-gravatarIf so, you may not have a Gravatar setup. To fix this, head to Then register with your email on your Shopp account and upload an image.

Then your “new Gravatar” will replace the default image and show on the Shopp forums. Here is an example:


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Author: Lorenzo Orlando Caum

Lorenzo Orlando Caum is an entrepreneur and a marketer.

Lorenzo contributes to the Shopp project as a member of the support team. He has written several WordPress extensions for Shopp. You should have a look at his latest project: Video tutorials for Shopp.

He is the founder of Enzo12 LLC, a web engineering firm in Tampa, FL. If you would like to know more about Lorenzo, you can follow @lorenzocaum on Twitter or check out his blog.

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