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by Lorenzo Orlando Caum on December 29, 2011

We’ve created an integration for Shopp and MailChimp.

If a customer opts-in during checkout, they will be automatically added to a list on MailChimp.

Click here to download Shopp + MailChimp

Video Walk-through of Shopp + MailChimp

Requirements for Shopp + MailChimp

  • WordPress 3.0 or newer
  • Shopp 1.1.9 Shopp 1.2.x or newer
  • Account with MailChimp
  • API Key
  • List ID

Install Shopp + MailChimp

The easiest method to install this plugin is via WordPress Plugins.

  1. Login to your WordPress admin
  2. Go to Plugins –> Add New
  3. Type Shopp MailChimp into the search box and click Search Plugins
  4. Locate Shopp + MailChimp in the search results and click install and finish

Alternatively you can do a manual install via the steps below:

  1. Download Shopp + MailChimp. Unzip the shopp-mailchimp folder.
  2. Upload the shopp-mailchimp folder to the wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  3. Activate Shopp + MailChimp through the Plugins menu in the WordPress admin.
  4. Go to Shopp → + MailChimp.
  5. Enter your API Key and List ID for MailChimp and Save Settings.

Email marketing is a great resource for growing your Shopp-powered business.

Here are some ideas: share tips on using your products, send blog updates, reward loyal customers with special promotions.

Want to get started? Click here to download Shopp + MailChimp

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Author: Lorenzo Orlando Caum

Lorenzo Orlando Caum is an entrepreneur and a marketer.

Lorenzo contributes to the Shopp project as a member of the support team. He has written several WordPress extensions for Shopp. You should have a look at his latest project: Video tutorials for Shopp.

He is the founder of Enzo12 LLC, a web engineering firm in Tampa, FL. If you would like to know more about Lorenzo, you can follow @lorenzocaum on Twitter or check out his blog.

  • Matthew Coffman

    Do you have any plans for doing a Shopp + aWeber plugin?

  • David Bell

    Hi Lorenzo
    Do you still have the 1.1.9 version available?

  • Ross

    Does this sync with changes made to the marketing option on the customer account profile page and the customer edit screen in the admin?

    • Lorenzo Orlando Caum

      No it runs right after checkout on shopp_order_success

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