How to use Shopp + Zendesk with Zendesk’s Regular SSL

by Lorenzo Orlando Caum on March 15, 2012

We have updated the Shopp + Zendesk plugin.

Zendesk now has a feature called Regular SSL.

It can be accessed by logging into your Zendesk account and going to Settings –> Security and then clicking on the SSL tab.

When this feature is enabled your Zendesk Help Desk will be secured via HTTPS.

Example of it turned off

Zendesk Account URL =

Example of it turned on

Zendesk Account URL =

If you have the Regular SSL feature turned on, you will need to make an edit for this plugin to work:

1) Log in to your website via FTP

2) Browse to the Zendesk.php file –> /wp-content/plugins/shopp-zendesk/inc/Zendesk.php

3) Open the file with a text editor

4) Locate the following line of code:

function Zendesk($account, $username, $password, $use_curl = true, $use_https = false)

5) $use_https = false needs to be changed to $user_https = true.
When done, it should look like the following:

function Zendesk($account, $username, $password, $use_curl = true, $use_https = true)

6) Save changes

An alternate solution is to download an already edited copy of the Zendesk.php API Wrapper file. Then unzip the file and upload it to the following location:


Note that it should replace your existing file.

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