How to Get Awesome Support from the Shopp Help Desk

by Lorenzo Orlando Caum on March 12, 2012

I’ve been a member of the Shopp support team for some time now. I’ve had the pleasure of helping many people across the globe with their e-commerce stores.

In this post, I’ll share a few lessons learned on getting the support that you seek.

My definition of awesome support is identifying the cause of your issue and providing a solution in a timely manner.

3 Steps to Awesome Support

By following the three steps below, you can help the Shopp team reach this goal each time you are assisted via a support ticket:

  1. Describe your issue in a clear and concise way
  2. Include links to media such as screenshots and screen casts
  3. Provide technical information to the best of your knowledge

Think about the ideas above for a moment.

We will come back to them after we have reviewed the Shopp Help Desk ticket template which appears below:

### What Happened ###


### Expected Behavior ###


### Errors ###

> PasteAllRelevantErrorMessages

### Steps to Repeat ###

1. First
2. Second
3. Third

### Relevant Code ###
@@@ php


### Environment ###
Web Browser: **IE7/IE8/FF3/Safari5/Opera10**
Server OS: **Linux/Windows**
Web Server: **Apache/IIS/Lighttpd/Nginx**
PHP version: **5.??**
WordPress Version: **3.??**
Shopp Version: **1.2.??/1.1.??**

Here is an overview of what each section means:

  • What Happened –> Tell us a story about what occurred…
  • Expected Behavior –> What should have happened?
  • Errors –> Include any error messages (copy and paste)
  • Steps to Repeat –> Share a step by step write-up of how to trigger the issue again
  • Relevant Code –> Let us know any Shopp coding that you think is causing this issue
  • Environment –> Share details of your hosting environment

Applying the 3 steps to the Shopp HD ticket template

One of the challenges of remote technical support is having enough information to begin troubleshooting your issue.

I’ll explain this with two examples.

Avoid this –> My Shopp isn’t working.

This is far more helpful –> I’m having a problem with my Shopp. I made a few changes to my products and uploaded new images but they are not appearing in my store. I also updated a few plugins.

The first few sections of the Shopp HD ticket template is your opportunity to share a story of what the issue is. By being clear and concise in your explanation and providing supporting material such as screenshots, you’ll put the Shopp team in a good position to find a solution for you.

Technical information is very helpful in diagnosing your issue. If you are unsure about your hosting environment, your web host can help you in locating the information.

Additional Shopp Support Resources

In addition to the Shopp Help Desk, there are several other resources available to Shopp members.

  • Documentation – Read documentation on using Shopp (also available as an eBook)
  • Knowledge Base – Find solutions for common problems
  • Community Forums – Share solutions for problems with other Shopp members
  • API – Customize Shopp to your project needs

I’ll see you on the Shopp Help Desk and Community Forums!

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