Configure Shopp for W3 Total Cache

by Lorenzo Orlando Caum on November 7, 2011

W3 Total Cache is a caching plugin for WordPress. When set up correctly, it can offer a faster browsing experience for your visitors.

This is what happens when someone visits your website (simplified version):

Web Browser sends the request to HTTP server –> HTTP server contacts Database Server –> Database Server retrieves information and sends it back to HTTP Server –> HTTP Server sends data back to Web Browser –> Web Browsers displays web page

A caching plugin works by removing some of the steps which in turn speeds up your website.

How does this relate to Shopp? Your Shopp or online store is a dynamic experience and should not be cached. While some Shopp owners have reported no issues, your customers could experience strange errors.

Set W3 Total Cache to Not Cache Shopp

Once you’ve configured W3 Total Cache, you can easily set the exception for Shopp.

From the WordPress admin menu –> Performance –> Page Cache. Then scroll down to the Advanced section. Locate the area that looks like the screenshot below:

Then add your exception for Shopp.

Shopp by default operates via the following WordPress pages:

  • Shop
    • Cart
    • Checkout
    • Account

You’ll want to enter these into the box. Note in our “Shopp” we’ve renamed our online store catalog from ‘Shop’ to ‘Store’. If you have changed yours as well to names such as Collection, Catalog, Boutique, etc, then you’ll want to enter the updated WordPress pages.

Once your done, click on ‘Save all settings’ and clear your cache. W3 Total Cache is now configured to run with Shopp.

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    Does W3 total cache work with WordPress Plugin – Shopp Cache Helper? let me know.

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