Answer Popular Customer Concerns at the Beginning of Checkout

by Lorenzo Orlando Caum on June 12, 2013

A frequently asked questions page is a great resource for your customers. A FAQ page works in your favor as it allows your customers (existing and new) to quickly find answers to most of their concerns without having to contact you.

An unsure customer is likely to click away from your store and go to a competitor’s website.

Here is another way to explain this idea:

Example 1) Customer arrives at your storefront page –> Takes a look at a product –> Has a question about shipping –> Goes to FAQ page and immediately finds their answer.

The customer may then decide to click away (if your shipping options aren’t acceptable) or they’ll go ahead and complete their order.

Example 2) Customer arrives at your storefront page –> Takes a look at a product –> Has a question about shipping –> Can’t find a FAQ page.

At this point, the customer may be unsure about the purchase and click away / shop elsewhere or they’ll contact you through your contact page or email. If you are able to respond quickly to the email, then you may be able to answer questions and the customer may complete the order. However, its also possible that by the time you have written a reply, the customer is no longer interested or may have purchased from a competitor.

You’ll be in a better position with the first example above. We can even take this a step further to increase conversions in your store.

Address Frequent Concerns on the Cart Page

By default, when a customer adds an item to the cart, they will be taken to the Shopp cart page. If a customer is shopping for multiple items in your store, then they will see this page several times before attempting to checkout.

The Shopp cart page provides an opportunity to address some of the concerns that your customers may have.

Begin by reviewing your frequently asked questions page. Which of these questions are the most popular? Don’t have a frequently asked questions page? Now is an ideal time to put one together.

Next we need to add these questions and answers to our cart page for Shopp.

You’ll need to have Shopp templates running. You can check via WP-admin –> Shopp Setup –> Presentation.

  1. Login to your site with an FTP client such as FileZilla or Transmit
  2. Browse to your Shopp content templates folder
  3. Open your cart.php file for editing
  4. At about line 89, you’ll see a tag for closing the form. Add your information just after this line.

Note: while copying and pasting information from your FAQ page should work, you should format the information so that its easy to read. This may mean using some html tags such as heading, strong, and paragraph.

Here is an example of one approach:


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  • Author: Lorenzo Orlando Caum

    Lorenzo Orlando Caum is the founder of Enzo12 LLC, a web engineering firm in Tampa, FL.

    Lorenzo contributes to the Shopp project as a member of the support team. He has written several WordPress extensions for Shopp.

    If you would like to know more about Lorenzo, you can follow @lorenzocaum on Twitter or check out his blog.

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