We have updated the Shopp + Zendesk plugin.

Zendesk now has a feature called Regular SSL.

It can be accessed by logging into your Zendesk account and going to Settings –> Security and then clicking on the SSL tab.

When this feature is enabled your Zendesk Help Desk will be secured via HTTPS.

Example of it turned off

Zendesk Account URL = http://account.zendesk.com

Example of it turned on

Zendesk Account URL = https://account.zendesk.com Continue reading →


I’ve been a member of the Shopp support team for some time now. I’ve had the pleasure of helping many people across the globe with their e-commerce stores.

In this post, I’ll share a few lessons learned on getting the support that you seek.

My definition of awesome support is identifying the cause of your issue and providing a solution in a timely manner.

3 Steps to Awesome Support

By following the three steps below, you can help the Shopp team reach this goal each time you are assisted via a support ticket:

  1. Describe your issue in a clear and concise way
  2. Include links to media such as screenshots and screen casts
  3. Provide technical information to the best of your knowledge

Think about the ideas above for a moment. Continue reading →


How to use Quick Cache with Shopp

by Lorenzo Orlando Caum December 20, 2011

Quick Cache is a caching plugin for WordPress. When set up correctly, it can speed up your website which provides for a better browsing experience for your users. It works by keeping copies of static content available for quick delivery when requested. As Shopp is a dynamic experience – it should not be cached. Configure [...]

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Set up WP Super Cache for Shopp

by Lorenzo Orlando Caum December 17, 2011

WP Super Cache is a caching plugin for WordPress. It speeds up your WordPress site by caching static files that are often requested. While caching is a good thing for your overall WordPress site, it’s not recommended for your Shopp which is a dynamic online store. Set an Shopp Exception for WP Super Cache First, [...]

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Shopp + Mad Mimi

by Lorenzo Orlando Caum November 21, 2011

We’ve created an integration between Shopp and Mad Mimi. If a customer “opts-in” to email marketing during checkout, then they will be added to an email list on Mad Mimi.

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Shopp + Constant Contact

by Lorenzo Orlando Caum November 15, 2011

We’ve adapted the Shopp MailChimp Integration by Adam Sewell, MyGeek Computer Services to work with Constant Contact . It works in the same way — if a customer has placed a check box in the email marketing opt-in during checkout then they will be added to a selected email list on Constant Contact.

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Configure Shopp for W3 Total Cache

by Lorenzo Orlando Caum November 7, 2011

W3 Total Cache is a caching plugin for WordPress. When set up correctly, it can offer a faster browsing experience for your visitors. This is what happens when someone visits your website (simplified version): Web Browser sends the request to HTTP server –> HTTP server contacts Database Server –> Database Server retrieves information and sends [...]

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Engage your Website Visitors with the Hello Bar

by Lorenzo Orlando Caum October 3, 2011

The Hello Bar is a notification toolbar for your website that allows you to create a call to action for your visitors. It lives at the top of your webpage and usually appears while visitors are browsing your website. Here are some popular uses for the Hello Bar: Generate more leads Promote your brand Grow [...]

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How to Set a Default Payment Method in Shopp

by Lorenzo Orlando Caum September 24, 2011

In certain situations, less is more as it provides simplicity. When considering payment methods, variety is a good choice. Remember that not all of your customers may have a PayPal account or an account with another popular payment processor. A best practice for the checkout process is to make it easy, fast, and friction-less.

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Database Storage vs. File Storage in Shopp

by Lorenzo Orlando Caum September 10, 2011

The Shopp Plugin offers two storage options: Database and File System. In this post, we’ll be looking and the pros and cons of each option. In general, choosing between the two will should depend on the long-term goals of your Shopp e-commerce store. If you will be only selling a few products / services and [...]

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